Here is a basic guide to help you choose your day

Poole offers many styles of fishing and a wide selection of species. Rocket can be chartered to fish inshore reefs, or far offshore. We can supply everything you require for a days fishing.  We are keen to offer bespoke days, that will be enjoyed by everyone aboard. A simple guide is given below explaining the types of charter available. Please contact us for availability and cost.

Reef trips (Sea bass ,Bream)

This is often referred to as inshore fishing, and would provide sport between May-October
Our target specie on such trips would be Black Bream, Sea Bass, Mackerel and Rays. Often the boat would be anchored uptide of a reef, and you fish down tide using  live or dead baits.

Inshore Wreck/ Deep reef (Sea bass,Turbot,& Conger)

This type of fishing is to target Conger, Sea bass, Shark and Tope. We would anchor Rocket uptide of a ship wreck or over a deep water trench. Usually this fishing is done a little further offshore at depths of between 40-55mtrs. Many big fish can be caught this way, if only for sport. We encourage our customers to return all Conger eels  after a souvenir photo.

Offshore Wrecking (Cod,Pollack,Conger & Ling)

This type of fishing is ever popular, with our target being Cod, Pollack, Ling and Conger. Fishing into the  English channel, can be demanding but the results are worthwhile. Rocket will fish deep sea wrecks using artificial lures and live baits. We target  summer Cod and Pollack May-September. These fish provide  great sport and are wonderful for the table.

We often anchor over wreck’s during slack tide. This provides a rest from drift fishing, and will prove sporting for Conger  and Ling.

Brittal Star  & Rips trips (Cod)

This day would be spent drifting ,using artificial lures to target Cod. This type of trip is usually done in June or July.

Stag and Hen events (Onboard Barbecue)

Rocket offers Stag and Hen events, birthday parties and bespoke functions aboard.  Whatever your  requirements,we can carry out your wishes and make the day a memorable one.


The deposit per charter is £100.00, payable at the time of booking. Please contact us on 07516 510 695 or email info@fishingpoole.com to discuss your charter and when you have received confirmation of your provisional booking by phone or email use the button below make your deposit payment. Charters are not fully reserved until the full deposit payment is received.

Payment for your charter deposit of £100 or other amount can be made using the PayPal button below. Click the button and enter the amount you wish to pay in the item price box on the PayPal screen then click update to show the amount to pay. You can then choose your payment method.